Our Story

While living in both Slovenia and Italy, I loved watching women walk down the street to run errands in the most beautiful clothes! Moving to New York City with my husband, we had a family meeting where we discussed our goal to never leave the house looking like we were wearing our pajamas. This was fine and all as a single woman going to work or graduate school classes but once I had a baby- wow, how hard it was to get out of my sweats and yoga pants. I searched high and low for a dress that was well made, elegant and made me feel put together while providing the comfort of my pjs or shapeless house dresses.

Thus spawned the idea of Lorraine & co. Knowing it was possible to dress nice every day based on grandmother Lorraine's old pictures and my time abroad, I was committed to creating a dress that fit all my needs. Also, when it comes to comfort, I am pretty picky. Anything with buttons or zippers is off the table- especially when pregnant. There needed to be stretch but it could not be flimsy. After countless meetings with textile mills and apparel manufacturers in NYC and LA we found a team that we could stand behind. A friendly, fair and ethical group at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

So after more than a year of drawing, cold calls, meetings, samples and more samples and more samples, here we are! And we couldn't be happier.