Meet Lorraine and Camille


Meet Lorraine The Inspiration Behind Lorraine & Co.

Born in Denver, Colorado to Italian immigrants, Lorraine was the main seamstress for her family. She made costumes and dresses for her sisters and brought the most stylish designs back to her neighborhood. 

When Lorraine was 17 years old, she fell in love with a boy that gave her an excuse to dress up. To this day, they still go dancing every weekend and they still make sure their clothes are perfectly feminine and masculine. 

She believes that clothes are an important identifier. It doesn't matter how expensive they are but it does matter how you present yourself. As human beings, we deserve to look and feel our best. The right dress can give any woman an extra UMPH to conquer her world that day. 

Lorraine does more than dress well. She raises a family, finds work when money is scarce, feeds the entire neighborhood when food is lacking, and elegantly serves her community. 


Meet Camille The & co. and creator of Lorraine & co. 

A lover of all things foreign, I am always willing to try my hand at a new exotic recipe or jump on a last minute flight to anywhere! At the ripe, old, and not so wise age of 18, I booked a flight to Sicily, Italy.  For four months, I learned a lot about street smarts with plenty of hands-on experience. Since then, I am in love with traveling. I love the people I meet and the lessons I learn about myself.  

Raised in Denver, Colorado, I used to spend my weekends with my sisters scavenging through thrift stores to find the perfect dress. To this day, we still have a joint closet full of grandma Lorraine's old gems and other communal finds that we share. 

My days are no longer spent shopping but instead dancing and chasing my delightful two year old and exploring near by parks and museums. I LOVE ice cream and have never turned it down. Together with my playful husband and creative little girl we can be found dancing salsa in our living room or pretending to be scary monsters hiding under the blankets. Most often we like to laugh at our own jokes. 

Thanks for supporting this little family of mine!  

xoxo Camille