Where are the dresses manufactured?

All of our dresses are made here in the USA, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. 

Why does this matter?

Studying International Development I became greatly aware of labor abuses across the world. Starting a business I knew that I couldn't take part in contributing to a labor force that was unethical or abusive. I needed to know the faces and names of the people behind the sewing machines and to see if they were happy and well treated. After interviewing multiple manufacturers, I was happy to find one where the people were joking with each other and honestly treated one another like family. I am at peace knowing there is no child labor behind this product. And that every hand involved is being treated with respect. 

What fabric is used in these dresses?

The fabric in the FW17/18 collection is a mix of deadstock (unused fabric from large fabric mills) and new knit cotton/spandex. The cotton provides a natural breathable wear and the cotton allows for the flexibility as our bodies change. This means a little longer wear for those growing girls (thank heavens!) and a smooth transition into pregnancy and the many changes for our bodies that brings. 

Can these dresses be worn during pregnancy and nursing?

I purposefully made sure the fabric had enough spandex to accommodate a growing baby belly. The gather dress waist can be pulled up over that bump and the belle dress is perfect just the way it is. For nursing mamas the square neck on the belle dress can be pulled down to nurse comfortably and then should spring back to its original shape. If the neckline is looking tired, wash in cold water and lie flat to dry and it should perk right back up. 

How often is there a restock?

At this early stage of development there is only one launch per season with no restock. As the amount of dresses made in each color and size is extremely limited don't hesitate to grab your favorite ones before they are gone!

How should I care for my Lorraine & co. dress?

Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. 

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